Thursday, November 19, 2009

Canvas bags is popular now

I love eBay.I spend 90% of my online hours on facebook and eBay.I joined eBay in Sept 2005. It was love at first sight because everything that on sell are so cheap.I love clothes.I love jewelry and I love bento too.Do you know eBay is very addicting!

EBay is like shopping under one roof.I remember the first time my husband and I bidded out our very first item.It's called Dummy Phone.We thought it was a real phone so we paid for the phone.It cost US35 plus shipping.What a rip off!The seller describes the item as real phone.When I got the phone,I was stunned and don't know what to do.At that time,my husband and I don't even know how to make a claim on paypal.Well,I guess bad experience helped strengthen me as a smart buyer.

Sometimes, I canwin the bid for only a dollar plus free shipping.When I buy things on eBay I always determine what my maximum price that I want to pay and I bid it. Then I either win or I don't.

I won this bag a month ago.I was the first bidder and the bid opening was US0.99, figuring that I would probably have to increase my bid before the end of the auction. Three days went by and the only other bid came just before closing but it was only for a slight increase over the opening bid amount and I won the auction with my original bid. This bag seemed to have all the features that shown on the picture.However, quality is a major downfall.Not as good of quality as I would have liked but reasonable.Don't you think this bag look like an old-school canvas bag that we used to bring to school?

Winning bid US 3.79
Quality average

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